Grief and Senior Resources

Through Duksa Family Funeral Home’s involvement with area grief and senior-related organizations, we have become experts on matching families with the resources that can best meet their needs.

Grief Resources

Our Funeral Homes keep current grief support group lists from central Connecticut broken down by location (city or county) and by needs (i.e. young widower, suicide, Alzheimer's, etc.). With strong ties to the following community groups we have one of the most comprehensive lists around.  Please contact our Bereavement Services Coordinator, Marge Banach to discuss which group may be best suited for your needs.

Senior Resources

The death of a loved one can bring a variety of needs for family members. When they are at a loss as to where to get help, families often contact Duksa Family Funeral Homes to find a qualified referral. Working with the following organizational partners, Duksa Family Funeral Homes keeps current listings of senior centers and organizations, helpful websites and much more. We receive no commission from the organizations recommended.

Organizational Partners

For information on any of the above, contact us.

Grief and Senior Resources