Death Away From Home

Call a Duksa Family Funeral Homes funeral director.

The first step in containing costs is to call Duksa Family Funeral Homes when a death occurs.  For instance: If someone dies while on vacation in Sarasota but the family intends to hold services in Connecticut, the family should immediately call us.  Duksa Family Funeral Homes will coordinate all aspects of out of town transfers and will work to eliminate duplication of services and fees.

In our global society, it’s no surprise that sometimes death occurs away from home.  Loved ones may die while on a business trip, vacation or at a temporary residence away from their hometown.  Fortunately, today’s ease of transportation means relatively minimal time and effort to make appropriate arrangements.

Support for Your Family

At Duksa Family Funeral Homes, we act as a true advocate for your family.  That means you can rest assured knowing that your loved one will be transported home in a professional manner for the lowest possible cost.  Our experienced staff will work closely with you to address any issues or questions you may have.

Death Away From Home