Veteran's Benefits and Military Honors


Duksa Family Funeral Homes has a long history of honoring veterans. We are an exclusive, certified Veterans & Family Memorial Care Provider for central Connecticut and and were selected by VFMC for upholding the highest level of ethical business standards and integrity while providing outstanding, affordable professional service.

Flag Draped

To honor someone who has served his or her country, we use a flag to drape the veteran while he or she is in our care.

Honor and Patriot Guard

A dedicated group of veterans may serve as honor guard to provide a final salute for any veteran entrusted to our care. The Patriot Guard (motorcycle riders who volunteer to escort a veteran's procession) may also be used.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

We procure an official memorial certificate bearing the signature and seal of the President of the United States for the spouse or child of a veteran.


With a copy of your loved one's Veteran's Honorable Discharge, Duksa Family Funeral Homes will immediately prepare necessary documentation to apply for veteran's benefits. In some cases spouses and dependent children may be eligible for benefits as well. Benefits may include:

  • American Flag 

    Families may choose to place it in or drape it over the casket or have it present at a memorial service.
  • Military Honors
Flag folding and presentation to next of kin, trumpeted Taps, color guard or military personnel pallbearers and a rifle volley may be available depending on the level of military honors earned.
  • National Cemetery Burial
Many times the grave space, opening and closing are included.
  • Grave Marker

    Usually made of bronze or granite, an official marker is often included.

For additional information on veteran benefits: 

Veteran's Benefits and Military Honors