What to Bring

The following are some items we will need.  We encourage you to bring these items to our first meeting although it is not necessary.

Photos: One favorite photo, for the obituary and several memorial items, and several recent photos, which will allow our funeral home staff to prepare your loved one as you remember.

Paperwork: Social Security number (we will notify Social Security for you), date/place of birth, parent’s names, mother’s maiden name; and the full names of all survivor’s, and military service records such as an honorable discharge or preferably the DD214.

Clothing the deceased would wear on a daily basis: including undergarments, socks/hosiery, jewelry, lapel pin, watch, rosary, glasses, cologne, lipstick, nail polish etc…

If the funeral has been prearranged, please bring the funeral planning paperwork including The Family Planning Guide and Insurance Policy or Bank Trust forms. 

What to Bring