Funeral Specialists

Like many in the medical or legal professions, Duksa Family Funeral Homes believes that those who specialize in their fields of expertise best serve consumers. Our individual staff members are trained to handle their own professional areas such as the financial intricacies of funeral prefunding, the sensitivity and detail-oriented planning of funeral directing, the anatomy and cosmetology tasks of embalming and the technical and legal aspects of cremation.

Many staff members take on community leadership roles from volunteering in churches and hospices to serving on community boards. Staff members have also served as in roles with the National and Connecticut Funeral Directors Associations.

At Duksa Family Funeral Homes:

  • Funeral Directors concentrate 100% of their focus on listening and assisting families prepare meaningful tributes. They are trained beyond state requirements with in-depth courses on sensitivity, ethics and ways to create meaningful, personal services.
  • Preparation Specialists who take care of embalming and cremation concentrate all of their time on restoring loved ones to look as natural as possible by continuously staying abreast of the most technologically advanced techniques.
  • Preneed Specialists concentrate on listening and recording clients' wishes. We also explain the benefits, options and funding vehicles available for preplanning funerals. Our staff members are licensed funeral directors and are licensed beyond the State's licensing requirements and have helped 1000’s of families put their wishes in writing.

At Duksa Family Funeral Homes we believe the death of someone entrusted to our care deserves to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. For example, no matter what time of day or night it is, we always send a licensed, professionally dressed staff member or two as we bring your deceased loved one into our care.

Funeral Specialists