Memorial Ideas

Memorial Candle

Using a photograph you provide, we create a large remembrance candle for your services and for you to take home when the services are complete. You can also display photos and memorabilia on our "memory board" easels, or in frames on elegant tables and pedestals.

Memorable Music

Music is an important part of life for many families and we encourage you to use our sound systems to offer tributes to your loved one. We can also arrange for soloists, groups, bagpipers, harpists or other music at additional cost.

Other Ways to Share Memories

If you'd like, bring in your favorite pictures and for a small fee we can create aDVD slideshow tribute that can be shown on our large-screen  during the visitation. We also personalize memorial folders, prayer cards, guest books, bulletins, acknowledgement cards and bookmarks. You may also want to consider providing guest keepsakes (favorite candy, for instance). Or choose special stories, poems, readings, or religious passages for use during the funeral service.

Environmentally Safe Balloon Tribute Release

We offer an environmentally safe balloon release for you to use after the service, committal service or at a private family gathering. You can attach special notes and messages to the balloons for a special send off. Or, choose to release butterflies or doves for a nominal fee.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

To add a memorable touch, we can arrange a candle lighting ceremony or candlelight service to end a visitation, funeral, or memorial if you'd like. For many families, the key to a meaningful service is the special people who participate in it. A balloon release and candle lighting provide wonderful opportunities to include family members and friends.

Floral Pictures & Delivery

We provide a photograph of each floral tribute and the card that accompanies it for a permanent record and to help you organize thank you notes. After the services we deliver the floral arrangements to the home of any local family member, church, nursing home or any other facility you wish. 

Memorial Ideas