Personalizing Your Service

Incorporating your loved one's interests into a service is another way to pay tribute. Here are some examples of how you can tailor a memorial to a specific hobby:

  • The visitation of an avid stamp collector could be turned into a gallery, with favorite stamps displayed.
  • An avid Harley rider could have his or her bike brought into the visitation room with riding gear placed around it.
  • For an environmentalist a green burial could be arranged
  • At the service of a car collector, a favorite Corvette or Model A car could be parked at the funeral home entrance.
  • For a book lover, a display of favorites gives a reception the feel of a cozy library.
  • For the much admired cook, a "secret" recipe could be handed out as a take-home memento.
  • A gardener or landscape architect could be surrounded by favorite flowers and plants, with seeds for a favorite flower given out as take home gifts.

Online Memorial and Personalized Notes

The death notice of your loved one is placed on our website almost immediately after the wording is finalized. That way family and friends will have the detailed information and directions quickly without having to contact you during this busy time. You can focus your attention on celebrating the life that was lived instead of relaying dates, times and directions. We also provide visitors to the site an opportunity to leave you a note without having to rely on the time delay of mail. We print these notes and give them directly to the family.

Customized Caskets

We also offer the option of specializing urns or caskets. Some caskets may be customized with "memory" corner pieces to reflect unique interests. You may also choose a customized mural backdrop such as a 10' x 8' American flag.




Personalizing Your Service