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Signature Services

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Unique Ways to Create a Meaningful Memorial

A funeral is more than a way to mourn a loss; it is also a collective celebration of a life well-lived. At Duksa Family Funeral Homes, we strive to be an innovative leader in developing new ways for families to create one-of-a-kind services that truly reflect the personality and interests of your loved one.

Duksa Family Funeral Homes invites you to view details of our Signature Services, which we offer to every family we care for to help with the death of their loved one.




Memorial Ideas

Memorial Candle

Using a photograph you provide, we create a large remembrance candle for your services and for you to take home when the services are complete. You can also display photos and memorabilia on our "memory board" easels, or in frames on elegant tables and pedestals.

Memorable Music

Music is an important part of life for many families and we encourage you to use our sound systems to offer tributes to your loved one. We can also arrange for soloists, groups, bagpipers, harpists or other music at additional cost.

Other Ways to Share Memories

If you'd like, bring in your favorite pictures and for a small fee we can create a DVD Journey of Remembrance slideshow tribute that can be shown on our large-screen during the visitation. We also personalize memorial folders, prayer cards, guest books, bulletins, acknowledgement cards and bookmarks. You may also want to consider providing guest keepsakes (favorite candy, for instance). Or choose special stories, poems, readings, or religious passages for use during the funeral service.

Environmentally Safe Balloon Tribute Release

We offer an environmentally safe balloon release for you to use after the service, committal service or at a private family gathering. You can attach special notes and messages to the balloons for a special send off. Or, choose to release butterflies or doves for a nominal fee.

Candle Lighting and Rose Petal Ceremony

To add a memorable touch, we can arrange a candle lighting ceremony or candlelight service to end a visitation, funeral, or memorial if you'd like. For many families, the key to a meaningful service is the special people who participate in it. A balloon release and candle lighting provide wonderful opportunities to include family members and friends.

Floral Pictures & Delivery

We provide a photograph of each floral tribute and the card that accompanies it for a permanent record and to help you organize thank you notes. After the services we deliver the floral arrangements to the home of any local family member, church, nursing home or any other facility you wish.



Personalizing Your Service

Incorporating your loved one's interests into a service is another way to pay tribute. Here are some examples of how you can tailor a memorial to a specific hobby:

  • The visitation of an avid stamp collector could be turned into a gallery, with favorite stamps displayed.
  • An avid Harley rider could have his or her bike brought into the visitation room with riding gear placed around it.
  • For an environmentalist a green burial could be arranged.
  • At the service of a car collector, a favorite Corvette or Model A car could be parked at the funeral home entrance.
  • For a book lover, a display of favorites gives a reception the feel of a cozy library.
  • For the much admired cook, a "secret" recipe could be handed out as a take-home memento.
  • A gardener or landscape architect could be surrounded by favorite flowers and plants, with seeds for a favorite flower given out as take home gifts.

Online Memorial and Personalized Notes

We provide a photograph of each floral tribute and the card that accompanies it for a permanent record and to help you organize thank you notes. After the services we deliver the floral arrangements to the home of any local family member, church, nursing home or any other facility you wish.

Customized Burial and Cremation Products

We also offer the option of specializing urns or caskets. Some caskets may be customized with "memory" corner pieces to reflect unique interests. You may also choose a customized mural backdrop such as a 10' x 8' American flag.



Staying in Touch

We continue caring for your family long after the services are completed. The week following the funeral a Duksa Family Funeral Home representative will offer to meet with you. He or she will deliver:

  • Information regarding probate and estate planning
  • Access to Duksa Family Funeral Homes' grief and senior resource materials.
  • Completed register book and death certificates
  • Thank you cards

Holiday Service of Remembrance

At the end of each year, we help families prepare for their first holiday season without their loved one by hosting a gathering to remember and honor those we have lost.

Cherish Our Children Walk

A walk to remember the children we lost and love.

Estate Planning Seminars

Semi-annual estate planning seminars are held at our locations free of charge to assist you with pre-planning services and tending to important legal matters.



Honoring a Life with Music

Music is often an integral part of the celebrations and ceremonies we share with our loved ones.
At Duksa Family Funeral Homes, we witness the difference special music can have in making funeral and memorial services.  A song may be a favorite or have lyrics that capture the essence of a loved one. It may be something religious, romantic or patriotic--whatever is most meaningful.

We have established relationships with bagpipers, harpists and other musicians and would be happy to inquire about costs and make arrangements with these talented professionals should that suit your needs. Families may also bring their own CD or MP3 collections for use on our state of the art sound system or we can provide selections from our own library.


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